To acquire real estate at auction, a citizen may obtain a mortgage. Please contact a bank representative for more information.

Most banks have special arrangements in place with the courts, and can provide support to the purchaser, keeping expenses and interest rates down.

Working with a participating bank is ideal because the bank will be familiar with the procedure, and will facilitate participation in the auction to streamline the sales process.

It is imperative for interested persons to move quickly to submit all necessary documents to the bank for administrative-processing review prior to taking part in the auction. The bank's mortgage-application processing time must be “compatible” with the auction date.
Conditions vary depending on the type of agreement with the courts. Therefore, interested persons must obtain information in advance on all the terms and conditions of participation, and make sure the bank in question has special arrangements in place with the courts.

The bank's undertaking to later disburse the mortgage loan must be formalised in a preliminary mortgage agreement, conditioned on the customer’s being adjudicated the auction winner, and the asset being conveyed to the customer.

Should the would-be mortgagee's bid fail at auction, the preliminary mortgage agreement will terminate automatically, with no charges accruing to the person except for the administrative-processing fees.