How to participate



To participate in on-line real estate auctions (NOT linked to the Ministry of Justice portal for public auctions), interested parties must register beforehand in the special section of this portal. 

To register, click on the link https://immobiliare.spazioaste.it/private/Login.aspx

Once registered, the user can access the portal to make an on-line bid. This bid is irrevocable. Users are responsible for their own access codes (username and password) and cannot transfer or disclose them to others as these codes identify the user within the system.

Electronic communications will be sent by the Delegated professional/Auctioneer to the email address communicated at the time of registration. The person registered is responsible for promptly updating the data in their personal profile should there be changes.


Preparing and sending in the bid

For the purposes of participation in the electronic auction, interested parties must formulate their bid through the “participate” function on the property description page.

The bid must be sent via a dedicated certified email account for on-line auctionsTransmission via certified email is in lieu of the digital signature for the bid, if the certified email provider attests — in the message or in an attachment — that it has issued the access credentials in compliance with the provisions of Art. 13 paragraph. 2,3 of Italian Ministerial Decree 32 of February 26, 2015.
Instead, if the bid is signed with a digital signature, it can be sent via certified email even without meeting the above requirements.

Following the guided submission procedure, you will be requested to provide the following documentation:

  • 1. bid form (found on the portal);
  • 2. suitable documentation proving that a bid bond has been deposited as surety, in an amount equal to that indicated in the auction ordinance found in the property description (see section on “Bond payment”) plus any stamp duties required by the Court;
  • 3. suitable self-certification, to be issued pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles 46, 47 and 76 of Italian Presidential Decree 445/2000 as amended (found on the portal);
  • 4. photocopy of a valid identification document;
  • 5. if the bid is presented in the name and on behalf of a minor, the prescribed authorisation of the Tutelary Judge must be enclosed in the electronic envelope;
  • 6. if the bid is presented by a non-EU national, a copy of the person's valid permanent residence permit must be enclosed in the electronic envelope;
  • 7. if the bid is presented in the name and on behalf of a company, a recent (no more than 10 days old) Chamber of Commerce registration certificate must be enclosed in the electronic envelope, indicating its establishment and the powers of the bidder, or a recent company registration report.

CAUTION: to supplement the above documentation, we invite you to check the provisions of the Ordinance or Auction Announcement for the property you wish to bid on. 

Once the documents referred to in points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 have been inserted and completed, the portal generates the digital envelope containing the bid and sends it by certified email.

The portal does not accept bids sent after the auction bid submission deadline. The insertion of all required documentation on the portal remains the sole responsibility of the bidder; therefore, no claims will be accepted if, for any reason whatsoever, the above activities are not completed by the deadline set for submission of the auction bid. In order to prevent incomplete - and thus failed - transmission of the documentation, it is advisable to start the data entry process well in advance of the set deadline. Once the digital envelope has been sent, the bid and related documentation can no longer be modified or deleted; these will be permanently acquired and stored confidentially by the portal itself. All bids presented are IRREVOCABLE.

Where provided for by law - and only for certain types of auctions (mixed synchronous auctions) - it is possible to present the bid in paper form directly at the auction site (Office of the Clerk of the Court or office of the professional responsible for the auction).

Payment of the bid bond

To be admitted to the on-line auction, each bidder must prove that a temporary bid bond has been deposited as surety, in an amount equal to that indicated in the auction announcement. Payment of the bond is made by bank transfer to the current account indicated in the auction announcement. The transfer must not contain any description. A copy of the payment must be enclosed in the electronic envelope along with the bid.