The Spazioaste platform enables participation in competitive auctions for a wide range of movable properties, through on-line bidding.

Portal registration

Participation in an on-line movable property auction requires registration in the appropriate section of the portal. It is open to all adults with legal capacity, and to legal entities with the exception of the party subject to enforcement.

It is possible to register on the site - as private individual, professional or company - by clicking on the JOIN THE AUCTION button located in the MOVABLE PROPERTY AUCTION section.

The credentials to access the portal - user ID and password - are strictly personal and cannot be transferred to third parties by the user. In all cases, the user is directly responsible for any bid formulated and any action taken using his/her credentials, even in cases of theft or loss thereof, until s/he has communicated such loss to Astalegale.net by registered mail with return receipt or by certified email, attaching a copy of the report made to the Postal Police.

Without prejudice to further safeguards and actions deemed appropriate, Astalegale.net S.p.a. reserves the right to reject registration or deactivate it, in the event of anomalies, improper use of credentials, violation of third party rights or laws or regulations, or failure to comply with the conditions for auction participation.

The user undertakes to transmit the following to Astalegale or be barred from participating in the auction or forfeit an award:

  • a legible copy of both sides of a valid ID document, if the bidder is a natural person
  • recent company registration report (no more than six months old) and valid ID document of the current legal representative, if the bidder is a company
  • copy of the power of attorney or Bar Association membership card and copy of both sides of the Attorney's ID document, if the bidder holds a special proxy or power of attorney.

Enrolment in the auction

After logging in by entering his/her credentials in the appropriate section at the top right, the user can search for the property s/he is interested in and, by clicking “MAKE A BID”, display and accept the conditions of participation.

Click “CONTINUE” to select the type of participation in the auction - personal, on behalf of third parties, and on behalf of another person (to be named) - as well as the conditions for payment of the bid bond (if any).

Payment of the bid bond

To participate in the auction, the prior deposit of a bid bond in the amount indicated in the description for the individual property may be required. Payment of the bond is a mandatory condition to make the irrevocable bid and can be made by credit card or bank transfer.

Payment by bank transfer must be made to the current account indicated and by the specified deadline. Approval for participation in the auction will be granted after the appropriate checks have been made, including verification that the required amount has actually been paid.

Payment by credit card can be made following the guided procedure available on the site; in this case, approval of enrolment in the auction is simultaneous with payment.

When the auction is not subject to a bond, the bid is immediately produced and is binding.

Presentation of bids

After having obtained approval for participation in the auction, it is possible to present an irrevocable bid. The bid cannot be lower than the base price indicated on the property description sheet, or the minimum amount for bid raises if other users have submitted higher bids and made raises.

Production of a bid indicates the bidder’s full awareness of the information reported in the documentation attached to the auction (if not present, and if however in the possession of the procedure, it can be requested from the commissioner or curator/liquidator), as well as the general and specific conditions indicated on the www.spazioaste.it website.

Judicial auction conditions

The auction takes place with the de facto conditions of the goods and is not subject to regulations concerning warranties for defects or lack of quality, nor can it be annulled for any reason. The existence of any defects, lack of quality or non-conformity of the item being auctioned does not give rise to any compensation, indemnity or cause for restitution of payment as all these have been taken into account in evaluating the goods. It is always advisable to view the goods before making a bid.


The judge reserves the right to suspend or interrupt the call for bids procedure at any time, at his/her own discretion and whatever its condition, without this giving the bidding parties any right or claim, even compensatory.


At the completion of the auction, the item is temporarily awarded to the User who made the highest bid/raised bid.

The award is temporary and is finalised when the successful bidder has paid the balance of the price by the deadline indicated on the individual property sheet and auctioneer has checked that the documentation requested and presented is in good order from a formal point of view.

If the winner does not pay the balance of the price within the times and in the manner indicated on the property description sheet, the auctioneer will retain the bond previously paid as penalty.

Payment of balance

The balance of the price, inclusive of taxes, duties and auction fees, excluding the amount of the deposited bond, must be paid according to the indications given in the auction details and by bank transfer.

In the payment description, the BANK CODE generated when the bid was made must be indicated or, alternatively, the number of the Procedure and the Court (specifying the lot number).

Payment of the balance must be made exclusively by the winning party. Payments from third parties will not be accepted. In the case of any improperly made payments which are to be returned, all expenses related to that return will be deducted from the sum.

Failure to pay the balance of the price within the established time limit may result in forfeiture of the award and the bond will be retained as penalty.

Shipping and pick-up of the goods

The property awarded, for which the price has been fully paid, including charges, taxes and commissions, can be picked up at the storage site (indicated in the details for the individual property), upon appointment with the custodian, curator or auctioneer.

Where provided for, the property can be shipped, at the winner’s expense, according to procedures and times agreed upon with the receiver.

The responsibility, costs and risks related to shipment of the goods shall be fully borne by the purchaser, who can engage a courier or delegate a party for pick-up.

If a party is delegated, this party must hold an ID document and written proxy accompanied by a copy of the delegating party’s ID document.

The following cannot give rise to repayment:

  • loss of the goods during transport
  • damage/deterioration of the goods during transport
  • failed delivery of the goods.

Return of the bid bonds

At the end of the auction, the bond will be credited back to the losing bidder according to the payment method originally used, by:

  • bank transfer of the sum, net commission expenses, to the account IBAN communicated to the auctioneer, within 72 hours of the end of the auction (or as indicated otherwise on the specific auction pages)
  • releasing the amount that will not be charged to the bidder’s credit card; in this case the time for release varies according to the relationship between the banks involved in the transaction (between 7 and 20 days). For information on the status of the credit card transaction, you can contact the platform operator for credit card transactions at 015 2434640 and press 1 when prompted to do so. You need to have the email sent by Banca Sella with the transaction confirmation and indicating the bank ID to hand, in order to provide this to the operator.

Exclusion of Astalegale.net responsibility

The User declares that s/he is aware that the Internet and Internet-based applications are complex systems and that, for them to function well, a plurality of factors come into play which cannot always be controlled by the service operator. Astalegale.net strives to maintain and improve the quality of its service and to ensure high standards and utmost precision and efficiency in its operating technological profiles. Therefore, the User is aware of, and accepts, the fact that joining the service involves exposure to the risks related to any software or to network malfunctions and/or time outs and thus relieves Astalegale.net of any contractual or non-contractual liability for any damages, costs or expenses that may result therefrom. In addition, Astalegale.net is relieved of any responsibility for any damages deriving from force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances or occurrences to the damaged party during the Auction, including, but not limited to: inability to access the Portal services;  malware; damaged files; errors; omissions; service interruptions; content deletions; problems related to the network, provider or connections whether via telephone, electrical and/or on-line; unauthorised access; data alterations; lack of and/or faulty operation of the User’s own electronic equipment; failure of page refreshes; failure of screens relating to alert messages (e.g. new offers or bids) and the auction time count to update; strikes; orders of the civil or judicial authorities or military or police; natural disasters; acts of terrorism; etc.