How to participate


"Public Auctions" are on-line auctions linked to the Ministry of Justice’s Public Auction Portal.
Spazioaste is a portal authorised by the Ministry of Justice to manage on-line auctions (Ministry of Justice provision of 26/09/2017)

How to participate in an auction

For the purposes of participation in an on-line auction, interested parties must send the Ministry of Justice their irrevocable bid by the deadline specified in the Ordinance or Auction Announcement.


How to present the bid

On-line auction bids must be drawn up using a web form made available by the Ministry of Justice and accessed by clicking on the “Send Bid” button present on the property description page on this portal (www.spazioaste.it).

The on-line auction bids must contain:

  • The bidder's identification data with express indication of the tax code or VAT number;
  • Court where the procedure is pending;
  • Year and case number of the procedure;
  • Number or other data identifying the lot;
  • Description of the property;
  • Indication of the receiver;
  • Date and time set for the beginning of the auction;
  • Bid price and terms for payment, except in the case of requests to participate in an auction;
  • Amount paid as a bid bond;
  • The date, time and money transfer control number (MTCN) for the payment of the bond;
  • Certified email address used to send in the bid and receive any communications;

The bid must be sent, via a dedicated certified email account for on-line auctions, to the dedicated Ministry of Justice address.

This email is in lieu of the digital signature for the bid, on condition that the certified email provider attests — in the message or in an attachment — that it has issued the access credentials in compliance with the provisions of art. 13 co. 2,3 of Italian Ministerial Decree 32 of February 26, 201.
If the bid is instead signed with a digital signature, it can be sent via certified email even without meeting the above requirements.

When a bid is made by several subjects, the power of attorney issued by the other bidders to the holder of the certified email account used for the auction must be attached.
This power of attorney must be drawn up as a public deed or authenticated private agreement, and can also be attached as an image.

The following documentation must be attached to the on-line bid:

  • Suitable documentation proving that a bid bond has been deposited as surety, in an amount equal to that indicated in the Ordinance or Auction Announcement in the description of the property;
  • Any stamp duties required by the Court;
  • Photocopy of a valid identification document;
  • If the offer is presented in the name and on behalf of a minor, the prescribed authorisation of the Tutelary Judge must be enclosed;
  • If the bid is presented by a non-EU national, a copy of the person's valid permanent residence permit must be enclosed;
  • If the bid is presented in the name and on behalf of a company, a recent (no more than 10 days) Chamber of Commerce registration certificate must be enclosed, indicating its establishment and the powers of the bidder, or a recent company registration report.

CAUTION: to supplement the above documentation, we invite you to check the provisions of the Ordinance or Auction Announcement for the property you wish to bid on and refer to the specific “user manual” present in the Ministry of Justice’s Public Auction Portal (pvp.giustizia.it).

At the initiation of auction operations, the professional proceeds with validation of the bid submitted. If this is validated, the applicant can participate in the on-line auction and raise his or her bids.
Where provided for by law - and only for certain types of auctions (mixed synchronous auctions) - it is possible to present the bid in paper form directly at the auction site (Office of the Clerk of the Court or office of the professional responsible for the auction).

Participating in the on-line auction

Access to the portal requires unique credentials for participation in the individual auction.
The on-line auctioneer sends the credentials to the applicant's certified email account as indicated on the form as soon as the offers sent to the Ministry of Justice are made available to the auctioneer.
Users are responsible for their own access codes and cannot transfer or disclose them to others. The codes received enable the applicant to participate in the on-line auction and identify the user within the portal www.spazioaste.it


How to attend an auction

The Spazioaste portal enables interested parties to attend on-line auctions as spectators, without necessarily having to participate. 
The request to attend the auction must be authorised by the professional acting as Receiver and must be sent by the bid submission deadline set out in the Ordinance or Auction Announcement. To send the request, click “Participate” on the property description page on this portal (www.spazioaste.it) and complete the “Attend auction” form.
If authorised, the spectator will receive unique credentials with which to access the individual auction and thus observe it as it unfolds and see the bids made by the participants.

Ref. DECREE no. 32 of 26 February 2015, - Ministry of Justice