• The portal, astalegale.net, authorized for nationalpublication of auction announcements by decree issued on 26 September 2012 by the Director General of the Department of Legal Affairs;
  • ISO 9001 quality certification for the processes of publication of auction announcements and software production;
  • ISO 27001 certificationcovering the quality of the software produced and security of the data processed (the only company included in the ministerial list for auction announcements), an international standard that provides the requirements that must be met by an Information Security Management System (ISMS).
    ISO 27001 is part of the 27000 family of standards that includes several other reference documents required for building an Information Security Management System that can be certified by an independent accredited body. More specifically, a company that meets ISO27001 requirements takes into account current potential vulnerabilities and defines the corresponding preventive countermeasures aimed at limiting impact on its users.
    Maintaining ISO 27001 certification requires strict, frequent audits by the certification body to check that the high quality standards required by law are in place. Astalegale is the only company that has obtained ISO 27001 certification from among the ministerial list of companies accredited to manage legal announcements;
  • ISO/IEC 25012:2008 Certificationfor the “Data quality model”. The standard defines a general quality model for the data stored in a structured format within an IT system. The model provides a list of fifteen characteristics considered from two points of view: data and system. Adherence to a common quality model is a precondition for data integration, creation of dialoguing databases, compliance with regulatory/legislative directives, spread of an inter-administrative culture as well as the improvement and simplification of bureaucratic procedures in accordance with shared approaches;
  • ISO/IEC 25024:2015 Certification for the “Measurement of data quality”.
  • Registration of the implemented applications and software in the SIAE Public Register of Software;
  • Access Point (AP)for On-Line Civil Trials, Ministry of Justice Decree dated 1 October 2014 signed by the Director General of DGSIA (attached).
    net SpA is the only company listed in the ministerial register of auction announcement Portals to have obtained this very important recognition from the Ministry of Justice. This makes the company an institutional counterpart in the management of On-Line Civil Trials (OLCT), a project it has been involved in for some time now, providing assistance and training to both the Courts and professionals.
    The above constitutes the utmost guarantee for users, unlike other competitors that only offer the consultation of the on-line services portal.  Thus they can skirt the strict authorization requirements needed to operate directly as an access point and are not subject to Ministry of Justice surveillance.
    Astalegale has requested, and obtained, registration in the public list of access points and thus can guarantee its users a structure supervised and delegated by the Ministry to recognize those who consult confidential data of the court.
    The logs recording access to the data consulted through Access Point are recorded — and have legal validity — by Astalegale and by the Ministry of Justice itself to certify their accuracy in cases of transgression.
    As is well known, the AP is the institutional technological junction envisaged by the On-Line Civil Trial architecture through which qualified external parties — who interact with the Office of the Court Clerk in various capacities — can electronically consult the computerized records and transmit on-line payment of court fees. More specifically, the access point identifies the authorized external parties accessing the Court’s IT system, ensuring that the on-line exchange takes place in a manner that is technically secure and legally verifiable over time.

Registration in the public list takes place after a series of audits and checks performed by the Ministry of Justice to ascertain the envisaged technical requirements, assets and honourableness of the administrators, as briefly summarized below:

  • fully paid-up capital of no less than 1,000,000 euros;
  • guarantee satisfactory quality for IT services and processes, security of the site and system administrative procedures, all under strict and continuous supervision of the Ministry of Justice itself;
  • adoption of an operating manual and IT security plan approved by the Ministry;
  • commitment to keep on file for at least 5 years all system Logs having legal validity and attesting to the operations performed by any external user.

Once registered, the authorized AP company remains under supervision of the Ministry of Justice which may, at any time and without prior notice, carry out audits and controls to ensure that the requirements are constantly met. By taking on the role of AP, the company also provides all Court operators an additional, meaningful guarantee in the operation of normal activities related to legal announcements, during which the Portals are also called on to manage sensitive data. This is because both the authorization procedure and vigilance envisaged by regulations governing APs are much more complex and demanding than those required for the simple registration of Internet portal management companies.

In the latter case, it goes without saying that, due to increased integration between the Court Clerks Offices and the staff of companies managing legal announcements for digitization of the files, the question of the handling of “sensitive” data is increasingly in the limelight.

  • On-line auctioneer  Astalegale has filed application for registration in the Register of on-line auctioneers using the form issued by the Ministry of Justice (Decree No. 32 issued by the Ministry of Justice on 26 February 2015 “Technical and operational regulations concerning the sale of movable and immovable property through on-line auctions in those cases where this is envisaged by the Italian Code of Civil Procedure, in accordance with Article 161-ter of the provisions for implementation of the Italian Code of Civil Procedure”). Astalegale.net also ensures that its on-line auctions portal meets the technical requirements set out in articles 10 and 11 of Italian Law no. 4 of 9/1/2004, the Decree of the Minister of Innovation and Technology issued on 8 July 2005 and Italian Presidential Decree no. 75 of 1/3/2005.