About us

Company Presentation

Astalegale.net SpA is an industry leader in Italy for legal notices, and in migrating enforcement and insolvency proceedings online, as well as in creating the Italian E-Filing in Civil Proceedings system (Processo Civile Telematico - PCT), acting both as authorised website and as an approved “Access Point” on the official Ministerial list.


The two owners, who are natural persons, have pooled their expertise in the financial, accounting, and IT fields, ensuring maximum independence with regard to all purchases made in court-ordered sales. Their operations are completely impartial vis-à-vis any of the parties involved in any enforcement proceeding.

Corporate and Organisational Structure

The company has EUR 1,000,000.00 in fully paid equity capital, entirely in cash contributions - in the spirit of the regulatory provisions set forth in the 31 October 2006 Ministerial Decree. No accounting stratagems such as revaluations of trademarks, transfers of software appraised by a company-retained expert, or any other accounting manoeuvres intended to circumvent the spirit of the foregoing Ministerial Decree have been used.

In 2016, the company reported approximately 30 million Euro, and 5.6 million Euro in equity. These figures make Astalegale.net the industry leader, serving more than 80 courts across Italy.

Operating Headquarters

The company has locations across Italy including:

Sedi operative
Operating HeadquartersLombardy, registered office at Piazza Risorgimento, 1, Carate Brianza.
Offices embedded in courthouses, with permanent staff, in the following cities:Aosta, Ascoli Piceno, Avellino, Barcellona P.D.G., Biella, Bologna (Juvenile Division), Brindisi, Busto Arsizio, Caltagirone, Campobasso, Castrovillari, Chieti, Civitavecchia, Como, Cremona, Enna, Fermo, Florence, Gorizia, Grosseto, Imperia, Ivrea, Isernia, La Spezia, Larino, Lecco (Public Prosecutor’s Office), Locri, Lodi, Lucca, Macerata, Monza, Padua, Palermo, Parma, Patti, Pavia, Perugia, Pesaro, Piacenza, Prato, Ragusa, Reggio Emilia, Rome, Rovereto, Rovigo, Savona, Sondrio, Turin, Udine, Urbino, Varese, Vicenza, and Viterbo.

Astalegale.net SpA has a staff of 184, including:

Operating headquarters staff:68 employees, including attorneys and IT professionals with the expertise to develop management software for courts and professionals alike.
Embedded in courthouses:116 employees trained to provide PCT support and training services.

Please note that , in order to provide the greatest transparency and warranties of service for both the Judicial Offices and its employees, Astalegale.net is the sole legal and statutory employer for all employees. Being the direct, legal and statutory employer reflects Astalegale.net’s integrity and responsibility towards its employees, and the Judicial Offices with which it collaborates.

Astalegale.net holds a controlling equity interest in Istituto Vendite Giudiziarie delle Marche [Institute of Court-Ordered Sales for Le Marche], which operates in the districts of the Courts of Ancona - Ascoli Piceno - Fermo - Macerata - Pesaro - Urbino.

Company Operations and History

Legal notices of court-ordered sales:

As of today, Astalegale has provided notices of 1,500,000 court-ordered sales. It posts an average of 120,000 legal notices online per year, with approximately 90,000 court-ordered sales active every day on its sites, and an average of 130,000 documents viewed daily (for a total of approximately 800,000 site visitors each month, with over 4,200,000 pages visited each month).

Furthermore, the company manages over 10,292 pages on court websites. The company has 25 servers available, with over 8 Terabytes of data. The applications, with over 63,334 users registered, send approximately 13,000,000 emails automatically each year. 52,982 users have registered on the websites. The server farm has over 5,000,000 PDF documents in its archive.

Astalegale.net is the first company in Italy to have conceptualised - 18 years ago - centralised and time-scheduled management for posting auction notices online, in newspapers, in the free press, on television, through flyers and direct mailings. This particular procedure proved so effective, it was later copied by other companies operating in this sector.
The management of various publication media allows for myriad configurations for notices, chosen according to the value of the real estate. The advertising medium is decided on the basis of a cost-benefit analysis of the value of the asset, advertising costs, and the efficacy of the communication.

To support and expand basic advertising services for court-ordered sales, Astalegale offers a communication strategy aimed at ensuring maximum visibility for the asset:

  • Coordinated advertising on other mass-media platforms, including commercial websites;
  • Sales-support services;
  • Social media;
  • Online sales;
  • Direct-marketing services.

PCT-dissemination services:

  • Data entry and document scanning for the SIECIC to digitise the Court Clerk's Office Registers. Initially as a technical and operating partner for the Ministry project entitled “E-Filing in Civil Proceedings” (“PCT”) in 14 pilot courts in North-Central Italy: Milan, Verona, Florence, Genoa, Turin, Brescia, Monza, Prato, Padua, Rome, et al., developing an analytical familiarity with the SIECIC ministerial software. Thereafter, upon direct request from a number of other courts (including Alba, Aosta, Ascoli Piceno, Arezzo, Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, Bassano del Grappa, Biella, Bolzano, Brindisi, Busto Arsizio, Camerino, Campobasso, Fano, Fermo, Ivrea, La Spezia, Lecco, Lodi, Lucca, Macerata, Perugia, Pesaro, Rovigo, Saluzzo, Sanremo, Savona, Sondrio, Trent, Urbino, Verona, Vicenza, Viterbo, and more);
    As of today, as part of the move to e-filing, Astalegale.net has digitised over 120,000 files, including:
    Digitised enforcement proceedings:over 80,000 since 2008
    Digitised insolvency proceedings:over 40,000 since 2008
  • “E-filing Help Desk / Support” to support the launch of the Italian E-Filing in Civil Proceedings System (“PCT”), aimed at both court personnel (judges and clerks) and external stakeholders (attorneys, trustees, court-appointed experts, etc.);
    PCT-related training
    User typeTraining days held over the course of 2016
    Judges and commissioners1.500
    Clerk's office - foreclosures and repossessions3.000
    Clerk’s office - bankruptcy 1.000
    Clerk's office - other civil700
  • Access Point for the E-Filing in Civil Proceedings (PCT)

PCT e-filing editors:

GenIUS Professionals: Astalegale.net has developed an integrated online platform for E-Filing Editors and Access Point for the E-Filing in Civil Proceedings; GenIUS includes all tools necessary to manage, review, and send codified legal documents in accordance with ministerial directives.

GenIUS Enforcements: the platform allows for integrated management of foreclosures, including migrating all filings in the SIECIC system related to the specific procedures being managed, into the Court-Appointed Auctioneer's personal folder. The benefit is that each Court-Appointed Auctioneer can use a single software application to manage every case they have been appointed to handle, regardless of the legal notice operator, or the duration of the procedure.

Tribù Office: software for drafting online expert reports, integrated into GenIUS, allows for the drafting and online filing of expert digital appraisals of real estate. It is fully compatible with the Ministry's SIECIC software.

Enforcement Management: this software was developed as a support to sales enforcement officers and judges, and staff from the clerk's office, through a series of functions ranging from creating shared folders, to managing legal notices, to e-filing on SIECIC, and even calculating fees for Court-Appointed Auctioneers.

Bankruptcy Management: this in an area of the website that allows for bankruptcy proceedings pending before a certain court to be streamlined, thereby optimising communication between the bankruptcy judge and the trustee in bankruptcy, as well as for creditors to view documents, and to e-file on SIECIC.

Fallco Web Bankruptcy E-Filing Editing and Management Fallco (made by Zucchetti Software Giuridico srl, for which Astalegale is the exclusive licensee in Italy) is a software developed to offer the user a new, all-purpose bankruptcy-management system. It includes an e-filing wizard to draft and file court documents in compliance with Ministerial directives.

Software for Courts and Professionals:

  • Creation of over 80 institutional websites, including for courts, appellate courts, and prosecutor's offices. Development of software to perform specific functions for these offices, including online management of attorney-admission exams for different appellate courts, as well as for international child adoption used by the Juvenile Divisions of Naples and Bologna;
  • Creation of an online-auction platform implemented by the Agency for State Property, for the divestiture of public property;
  • Partnership with Deloitte Consulting to create a website for the Vice President of the High Council of the Judiciary, and the back-office area to allow for complete, independent content management.
  • Partnership with Ernst & Young, undertaken through the Naples Juvenile and Delinquency Division as part of the Judicial Offices Best Practices project, to develop specific software to manage domest
  • Implementation of a platform for requesting online certificates for the Lecco Court and Office of the Public Prosecutor;
  • Partnership with PriceWaterHouse as part of the Judicial Offices Best Practices project, to design websites for the Macerata Public Prosecutor's Office, and the Rovereto Court and Office of the Public Prosecutor;
  • Partnership with Studio Lattanzio and Associates as part of the Judicial Offices Best Practices project, to design websites for the Courts of Bolzano, Cremona, and Castrovillari, and for the Public Prosecutor's offices in Catanzaro and Palmi;
  • Partnership with the LUISS University as part of the Judicial Offices Best Practices project, to build a website for the Bolzano Court of Appeals;
  • Technology partner for the IRSO Foundation to create a website for the Monza Court and Prosecutor's Office, and develop the online platforms for court-approved settlements, and for guardianship petitions.

The advantages of choosing Astalegale.net

Unlike our competitors that essentially just provide an online-editing service, Astalegale.net is a veritable software publishing house, meaning we can develop management software for courts and court-appointed auctioneers alike.

Software produced by Astalegale.net has frequently been presented at the Judiciary Conference (Rimini, 2010: asteonline platform; Rome, 2011: attorney-admission exam management platform; Rome, 2012: adoption case-file management software), and in various “best practices” events (Region of Lombardy software tracking for court-supervised settlements, Region of Campania domestic and international child-adoption case software) as industry standards for building management systems for government entities.

For Italy's courts, making the move towards Astalegale.net SpA means more than just choosing a foreclosure-notice site, it means choosing a partner specialised in providing technological support services as the work of courts and auctioneers is migrated online.

Finally, Astalegale.net offers concrete financial support for all enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings, by advancing the costs of printed-paper notices, which, as all stakeholders know, represents over 90% of the advertising costs for these proceedings.