On 20 February 2018 Astalegale.net became the first Auctioneer accredited as truly interoperable with the Public Auction Portal (PAP) for both their portals: www.astalegale.net (dedicated to auctions announcements) and www.spazioaste.it (dedicated to the management of real estate and movable property auctions).

This means that Astalegale guarantees full technological interoperability with the Public Auction Portal in compliance with Ministerial architecture and technical specifications.


Publication of PAP announcements

The only party validated to publish auction announcements is the one who has been charged with doing so by judicial proceedings (the professional designated for auction operations, the commissioner or, failing that, the attaching creditor or the creditor holding executive powers, the bankruptcy trustee, judicial commissioner or liquidator in the arrangement with creditors) or as a result of the procedure in which he assumes the role of entitled person.

Upon appointment of the Judge or following a specific request to the Deputy Judge, made by the Trustee at the time of the auction request or as part of the liquidation program, Astalegale.net can perform the tasks required by the person entitled  for publication, including payment of the contribution for publication of each property, thus relieving the professional of this task and the data entry activities.

As party entitled to publication, to date (May 2018 update) Astalegale has handled the entry of over 5000 listings on the Public Auction Portal.


Publication tutorial video

Astalegale offers a tutorial video to guide the professional in entering the request for publication on the Ministerial Public Auction Portal.


Arranging for publication

In relation to the publication management service in accordance with the provisions of the Italian Code of Civil Procedures, as amended by Law 80/2005 and Law 132/2015, Astalegale.net can prepare the XML file for publication so as to speed up and facilitate uploading onto the Public Auction Portal.


Dedicated assistance in agreements with the Court

In agreement with the Court, Astalegale.net can provide users with dedicated services inherent to the publication of announcements on the Public Auction Portal such as setting up a dedicated e-mail address and activating a “Help Desk” for direct support, either inside or outside the offices.


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