On-line auctions are becoming easy and accessible to all

Astalegale is aware of the dynamics and difficulties that may be entailed by the introduction of the on-line auction mode, and so provides adequate personnel and hardware to set up a special Auction Room — at the Courthouse or at the facilities of the competent Professional Association — to ensure that all interested parties can participate.


Technology and competence in the service of individuals and professionals

Each Auction Room is equipped with PCs connected to the Internet and software for the management of text and PDF files and the preparation for the submission of bids. The auction room also has a special screen for the display in real time of progress of the sales operations to participants in the room.


A point of reference for the Court

The Auction Room provides users and the Court with a point of reference for any requirement related to the management of on-line auctions:

  • assistance to those participating telematically through the terminals located in the room during stages of opening the envelopes and the auction bidder competition;
  • support to professionals in conducting the on-line auctions, including the complex management of bidding in the case of mixed synchronous auction;


On-line booking of the auction room

Astalegale.net provides the Court and Professionals with dedicated software for on-line booking of the auction room.


Information monitor

Requests can be made to have a practical digital information panel installed, at the entrance to the Courthouse or another place easily accessible to users, to display updated information on real estate auctions that will be held at the Auction Room and the location of the various offices within the building.